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Golden Classical Music Competition winners

We’re bursting with pride to announce the incredible achievements of our studio students at the recent Golden Classical Music Competition!

Jasper Onyang, a young prodigy at just 8 years old (The Quarry Lane School), achieved a truly phenomenal feat. Not only did he win First Prize in his category, but he also received the prestigious Exceptional Young Talent Special Prize. Jasper’s dedication and talent were clearly evident to the judges!

Curtis HaoChen Li (age 9, Lincoln Elementary School) also brought home the top honor, earning the competition’s First Prize. Curtis’ hard work and passion for music were on full display.

Both Jasper and Curtis will now have the extraordinary opportunity to perform at the legendary Carnegie Hall this winter (2024). This is a dream come true for any young musician, and a testament to their unwavering commitment to their craft.

We couldn’t be more proud of these two exceptional young artists. Their accomplishments inspire us all!

Congratulations, Eliezer!

Congratulations to our studio student Eliezer Kumar-Lau of Diablo Vista Middle School for achieving 1st place at the WBMC World Competition!

Eliezer is the only student from the United States to win in his category. This is a tremendous accomplishment, and we are incredibly proud of his hard work and dedication.

Special Venue Music Award International Competition winners to perform at Harvard University

We are bursting with pride to announce the incredible success of our Lewis Music Studio students at the Special Venue Music Award International Competition hosted by Harvard University! A huge congratulations to the following talented musicians:

  • Lucy Wang (The Athenian School)
  • Vivienne Chen (The Athenian School)
  • Matthew Zhang (Choate Rosemary Hall)
  • Eliezer Kumar-Lau (Diablo Vista Middle School)
  • Hope Ting (The Dorries-Eaton School)

This impressive achievement is a true testament to their dedication, hard work, and exceptional musical talent. The competition, held at Harvard University on October 13th, 2024, undoubtedly presented a challenging and rewarding experience for our students.

We are incredibly proud of their perseverance and the remarkable results they achieved. Congratulations once again, Lucy, Vivienne, Matthew, Eliezer, and Hope! You are a shining example of what can be accomplished with passion and dedication to music.

Lewis Music Studio students to perform at Disney Concert Hall

We’re overjoyed to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of our talented Lewis Music Studio students at the recent Summer 2024 concert held at the prestigious Disney Concert Hall!

A huge congratulations to:

  • Hope Ting (11 years old, The Dorris-Eaton School)
  • Aimee Ng (11 years old, Bella Vista Elementary School)
  • Eliezer Kumar-Lau (12 years old, Diablo Vista Middle School)
  • Lucy Wang (13 years old, The Athenian School)
  • Vivian Chen (14 years old, Quarry Lane School)

These impressive young musicians all secured a well-deserved first prize in their respective categories, showcasing their mastery of both the Impressionist and Romantic musical periods.

This incredible accomplishment is a testament to their dedication, passion, and countless hours of practice. We are incredibly proud of their hard work and the beautiful performances they delivered at Disney Concert Hall.

The Lewis Music Studio family extends its warmest congratulations to Hope, Aimee, Eliezer, Lucy, and Vivian! Your talent and dedication are an inspiration to all our students.

Lewis Music Studio students to perform at Harvard University!

We are thrilled to announce that two of our talented SVMA students, Aimee Ng (11 years old, Bella Vista Elementary School) and Jason Chen (Dougherty Valley High School), have been invited to perform at a special music concert at Harvard University on October 13th, 2024! This is an incredible opportunity for these young musicians to showcase their skills on a world-renowned stage.

Aimee and Jason have both demonstrated exceptional dedication and talent in their music studies. Their hard work and passion for music have truly paid off, earning them this prestigious honor. We are incredibly proud of their accomplishments and excited to see them shine at Harvard University.

我們很高兴地宣布,两位才华横溢的SVMA学生 Aimee Ng(11岁,Bella Vista小学)和 Jason Chen(Dougherty Valley高中)已被邀请于2024年10月13日在哈佛大学参加一场特别音乐会!这对这些年轻音乐家来说是一个不可思议的机会,可以在世界著名的舞台上展示他们的才华。


We would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to the SVMA organizers for providing this wonderful opportunity for our students to collaborate with Harvard University. This collaboration is a testament to the SVMA’s commitment to fostering excellence in music education.

Congratulations once again to Aimee Ng and Jason Chen for this remarkable achievement! We are so proud of you both!

Grand Gestures: Lewis Music Studio students triumph at the Franz Liszt Competition!

We’re thrilled to announce a resounding victory for Lewis Music Studio at the prestigious Franz Liszt Center International Piano Competition! Huge congratulations to our talented students, Lucy Wang and Matthew Zhang, for achieving first place in their respective categories!

Lucy Wang: A Rising Star

Seventh-grader Lucy Wang (The Athenian School) impressed the judges with her captivating performance, securing the top honor in her category. Lucy’s dedication and natural talent are truly a sight to behold, and we have no doubt she has a bright musical future ahead!

Matthew Zhang: Soaring to New Heights

Incoming Choate Rosemary Hall freshman, Matthew Zhang, also displayed remarkable skill, earning a well-deserved first place finish! Matthew’s commitment to his craft is evident in his exceptional performance, and we’re excited to see him continue to flourish.

A Studio Celebration

These achievements wouldn’t be possible without the unwavering dedication of both Lucy and Matthew. Their countless hours of practice and unwavering passion for music are truly inspiring. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to them and their supportive parents for their contributions to this success.

The entire Lewis Music Studio family is incredibly proud of Lucy and Matthew’s accomplishments. Their dedication and talent are a shining example for all our students. Congratulations once again!

Students triumph in Amsterdam & Vienna competitions!

I’m bursting with pride to announce the phenomenal success of two Lewis Music Studio students, Lucy Wang and Matthew Zhang, at the prestigious Amsterdam and Vienna International Music Competitions!

Lucy Wang shines in the Vienna International Music Competition

Twelve-year-old prodigy Lucy Wang (The Athenian School) dazzled the judges with her performance, securing a coveted first place in her category at the Vienna International Music Competition. Not only that, but Lucy’s exceptional talent has earned her a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform at the legendary Gläserner Saal within the Musikverein, the renowned home of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, on April 2nd, 2024!

Matthew Zhang doubles down on success

Matching Lucy’s achievement is the equally impressive Matthew Zhang (14, Eagle Brook School). Matthew displayed remarkable skill and musicianship, claiming first place in his category at both the Amsterdam and Vienna International Music Competitions!

A reflection of dedication

These outstanding results are a direct reflection of Lucy and Matthew’s unwavering dedication and commitment to their musical craft. Their passion and countless hours of practice have paid off in spectacular fashion.

To Lucy and Matthew, a massive congratulations on these phenomenal achievements! Your talent and hard work are truly inspiring. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these rising musical stars!

Congrats, Aaron!

Huge congrats to my student Aaron Tansri (Donlon Elementary)! 1st place at Swiss International Music Competition & a career project opportunity! So proud & excited for what’s next!

Lewis Music Studio students’ latest competition results are in!

Congratulations to the incredibly talented Lewis Music Studio piano students who brought home top honors at not one, but two international music competitions!

Vivaldi International Music Competition Winners:

  • Matthew Zhang (9th grade, The Eaglebrook School): First Place + Excellent Interpretation Award!
  • Lucy Wang (7th grade, The Athenian School): Double First Place – Youth Group & Contemporary Music!
  • Daniel Wang (10th grade, Monte Vista High School): First Place in Contemporary Music + Excellent Musicianship Award!
  • Haidee Yuan (7 years old, Kolb Elementary): First Place in her Young Group + Excellent Technique Award!

Canadian International Music Competition Winner:

  • Haidee Yuan (7 years old, Kolb Elementary): Gold Medal Winner

A Huge Thank You

A massive thank you to all the supportive parents and the students themselves for their dedication and hard work! This level of success is a true testament to your talent and commitment.

Congratulations, Lucy!

Congratulations to our Lewis Music Studio student Lucy Wang, 13 years old, from the Athenian School on receiving 1st place at the Vivaldi International Music Competition and 2nd place at the Clara Schumann International Music Competition.

Good job Lucy !

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